1024px-KFC_logo1Business with Heart.

KFC is a fantastic employer and a great client to work with.  Their approach to building people and ultimately a business with heart is something we couldn’t agree more with and so it has been a joy to work with them on a range of projects.

We have supported KFC with:

  • Designing and delivering webinar masterclasses on L&D skills for the global training team
  • Developing a leadership excellence programme for Restaurant Managers stepping up into more of a coaching role
  • Designing a coaching skills programme in partnership with HeartStyles (KFC’s cultural benchmarking and development partner)
  • Building a measure of potential for leadership roles
  • Translating technical training into a personal learning journey
  • Delivering emotional intelligence and personal impact workshops to a range of audiences
  • Building annual conference materials for breakout sessions and workshops

Our approach with all of these projects has been to get to know the business, culture, language and trends on what works and what doesn’t, then build something that fits with all of that.

The great thing of course with having worked on so many projects is that we are now very quick to get into designing and delivering, without needing so much upfront work to understand the business.  We’re part of the team and have regular update calls to understand business changes as they happen.

Testimonial from Cristi Lockett, Senior Director, Training & Organizational Development, KFC Global

I first heard about Totem when I asked a colleague to recommend someone we could get straight into working with – someone we already knew and trusted to deliver great work at speed that would really fit our business.  I was not disappointed. 

Totem have delivered two projects for me now and many more for my colleagues, every time drawing in their general expertise and their in-depth understanding of what works for our organisation. 

I greatly value the way they work, how they tailor everything they do to us, their openness and flexibility and the fact that we can have fun at the same time!

Testimonial from Andrew Francks, Operations Training & Development Manager, KFC UK&I

Totem is my go-to partner for turning our expertise into a great learning experience.  I’ve worked with them on a few projects and always find them to be friendly, approachable and very flexible to an ever-changing brief.

Totem are really an extension of my own team, which makes life easier when I need support, on local and global projects.  On one project the timescales were really tight and I knew we needed to deliver a learning journey for people rather than a knowledge download that people could forget. 

Totem helped us create the materials and worked with the rest of the team in operations to get the tone of voice just right.  I recommend them to anyone who wants a partner in L&D they can trust.