kantar_logo1Recruiting Framework Design.

Kantar is a global market research firm – the group overseeing 13 operating companies and one part of the massive WPP.

Wanting greater consistency in the recruitment practices and consulting skills of its HR Business Partners, there was a lot of buy-in to make improvements in these areas.

Key concerns were to avoid this becoming a tick-box activity or the introduction of a policy and mass bureaucracy that nobody would want to use.  It was hoped instead that this could simply be the start of good conversations.

When recruiting managers ask for candidates to be sourced, this framework might simply give HR Business Partners the words and confidence to say “ok, sounds great – just before we do, let’s have a chat about what you’re really looking for, so we can make sure we get you the best candidates.”  It was also crucial that the framework be suitable and relevant for all job levels across all 13 operating companies across 82 countries.

Our approach was to work closely with the HR and Recruiting teams to understand the consistent challenges faced across contexts.  The framework was the simple part: A concept of what good recruitment looks like.

The challenge was the range of how-to guides and supporting collateral surrounding it, which had to be useful for such a range of situations.  With constant feedback and adaptation of the approach, we landed a set of collateral that was well received by the team.  The next step is to roll this out to the HR population, then the managers, which we are working on now.

Finally our role was to support the rollout of this framework and the skills development workshops that became the springboard of the project.  Thankfully by this time we had got to know the business, its nuances and challenges so well that we immediately had high credibility with audiences across the globe.

After a fantastic pilot programme and train-the-trainer workshops, this framework and its collateral is now out in the business, in the hands of the people who can use it best.

Lisa Monteith, Director of Talent Acquisition, Kantar

I love seeing the ‘Helen effect’ in action!  Helen has a skill in asking questions and sharing observations that cuts through to the core of an issue and helps anyone work through to a solution. 

That inspires confidence in us working with the team, as we can see that Totem understand our business and have credibility at all levels.